Casual series with natural taste, inspired by the border pattern of linen kitchen cloth. Made of canvas material and leather, with cross-stich pattern for a design point. 

No 10 canvas is thin and fine with delicate texture, but it is coated with parrafin to achieve fullness and strenght. Since it is also water resistant, you can use this item in any weather. Parrafin finish canvas has been used for a covered wagon and a sail of a boat, long before the water resistant material such as vinyl is developed. Parrafin coating is peeled off after long time use, but you can revive the feature by wetting and drying the material repeadly so that it becomes tight. After long time use, leather becomes light brown color and the material becomes soft and smooth. Tarpaulin for lining realizes water resistance and antifouling effect.

Foldable when not in use.