Since its creation in 1935 by Kichizo Yoshida, Porter is a Japanese company that remains true to its "made in Japan" value and strive to continue putting "Heart and Soul into every stitch".

    In keeping with the founder of the company’s principal, the design and manufacturing of all Porter bags and accessories are strictly “made in Japan”. In this way Porter can monitor each aspect of the creation of its bags and ensure the best originality, creativity and quality.

    All Porter bags and accessories are handmade by the company's skilled craftsmen ; only using the very best fabrics and components, some of which are developed and treated specifically for the brand’s needs. Some of the lines were under development for three years before their launch, such is Porter’s devotion to excellence.

    At present, the Porter collection has over 130 lines and more than 1500 different items. The choice is huge and there is a special Porter bag for everyone: women, men, students, fashionistas, for leisure or work.   

    Porter now has retailers nearly everywhere in the world, not mention their 40 stores or 1000 retailers in Japan, as well as 2 stores in Hong Kong.

    Porter's bags and accessories can be found in the best select-stores, multi-brand fashion stores and department stores (click here to see Store Locator).

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    Kichizo Yoshida, founder of Porter Yoshida-Kaban