Three years required to complete this series! “Water repellent bags with seams” realized by applying the Goretex ® Garment related technology for the first time in the world (70th anniversary series/received Good Design Award in 2007).

The series was released in 2005 to celebrate our 70th anniversary. It was the first time in the world to manufacture bags by applying the high water repellent technology developed by W.L.Gore&Associates,Co.,Ltd. It took about three years for us to complete this series.

“GORE ® Fabric for Bags” is used, which is the original material woven with irregular nylon yarns as warp, and 1000 denier CORDURA nylon yarns as weft. Seams are sealed with “GORE-SEAM® Tape Process” (sealing process for seams) to prevent water influx. In addition, super-water repellent finish is done on the surface of the material. These process realized the bags that have high durability and water repellency.

This nylon material has a cotton-like texture. The shoulder straps are made of leather to accentuate the design.

Cushioned pockets are equipped for the lining, which are suitable for storage of laptops and cameras.

This product has passed the rigorous rain test defined by W.L.Gore&Associates,Co.,Ltd, and its functionality and reliability have been proved. Since there are no sewn products other than this, with high water repellent feature at this level, it is suitable for storing digital devices such as cameras and laptops.

We developed original shoulder pads made of durable synthetic rubber. A space is created inside of the rubber for a soft texture. “PORTER YOSHIDA” logo is embossed on the back. Available in black, beige and orange.
The leather shoulder straps are designed to be shorter than a regular length.

Original vintage-like hooks are used.

This series is truly original in all aspects, including material process of both sides, sealing process, straps, hooks and functionality.

“GORE ® Fabric for Bags” label and tag are attached.
70th anniversary woven label is attached.

Outside: Original nylon 100%

Inside: 210 denier nylon twill, GORE laminated (3-layered structure)

Leather: Tannin tanned leather

Shoulder pads: Synthetic rubber (original)