Lightweight series with a soft texture. Made of 3-layered nylon that is water repellent and moisture permeable. Many items including business brief cases, casual bags and pouches are available for various occasions.

The 3-layer fabric consists of 1: water repellent nylon taffeta on top, 2: special polyurethane film for middle, and 3: nylon tricot fabric for bottom, all bonded together into one sheet.

Each layer has its own role. 1 is highly water repellent that prevents water influx from outside. 2 has a fine porous layer with tiny holes so that water cannot go through them. If water repellency of 1 fabric on top deteriorates in time, 2 will prevent water influx. 3 is moisture permeable. All of them together realize this highly water repellent, moisture permeable and lightweight 3-layer fabric.

Spring semi-automatic lock sliders are used, which can be locked when the pull tab is fixed downward.

Outside: Nylon taffeta (3-layered structure)

Inside: Nylon twill (420D nylon ox for some parts)