Casual series for outdoor use in summer festivals. In black and white colors. Durable tarpaulin material is also suitable for town use.

Most of tarpaulin is processed by “laminating method”, which bonds PVC films on both sides of the material by pressing. However, this material is processed by “rotary screen method”, which adheres watery resin to the fabric and then presses it by a roller. This method makes the material stronger than the regular tarpaulin, in terms of peel strength.

The tarpaulin is stone-washed to soften its firm texture, the product will fit you from the start of use. The attached tapes are also stone-washed for a used look.

Outdoor detail is adopted for designs of the storm flaps, the metallic eyelets, and the accessory patches, etc.

< About Tarpaulin >

Tarpaulin is a construction material used for tents. It is water repellent, and rip/friction resistant even in an extreme weather condition. You can wipe off dirt and rain easily outside and inside, so the product is suitable for storage of dirty clothes.

Because of stone-washing, there may be some scratches and stains on the surface, and whitening may occur. Please note that the texture of the material is purposely softened to create a used look.

(Tarpaulin would not be damaged by the wash process, so no color change and no functional deterioration in water repellency will occur.)

Outside: Tarpaulin (stone-washed)

Part: Nylon tape (stone-washed)