Cotton duck material with tiger camouflage pattern coating is used to create a military look for adults. The pockets are made functionally with a detail of cargo pants.

The tiger camouflage is the pattern developed around 1965, for the U.S. Navy Special Forces at the Vietnam War. The pattern is also called “tiger camo” or “tiger stripe”.

The pockets are designed with a detail of cargo pants in military clothing. They hold a large item or many items because of the deep tucks. The button hole on the upper of the pockets can be used as a pen holder, but it was originally designed to hold a headphone cord of a portable music player.

The zippers are the replica model of American zippers made in 1940’s, which are hard to produce nowadays. The shape of the sliders and stoppers, the look and natural cotton tapes represent the atmosphere back then (“WALDES” engraved on the sliders is the name of the zipper manufacturer that existed in the United States in 1940’s).

We named the brand GREEN EYE , with the inspiration of the green spark in the eyes of the tiger hiding in the dark jungle.

Outside: Cotton duck

Inside: 210D nylon twill (urethane coating)